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Allen Davis Woodworking One of a Kind Large Bowl

  • 30000

This incredible hand crafted functioning wooden bowl is a beautiful way to spruce up your home. All handmade in North Carolina, Allen Davis's pieces are definite showstoppers.

 This bowl measures 13.5 inches at the top and 8 inches at the base.

About the Artist

Allen spent his professional years as head of two Florida corporations. With leisure time to be filled in 1997, the retired executive revived his interest in woodcraft, dormant since his teen years in Industrial Art classes in high school. Largely self-taught, he works from his studio/shop in Waynesville, NC, surrounded by great stacks of logs, stumps, branches, roots, castoff cuts, rejected knotty burls, and other natural resources awaiting transformation. Bartered treasures from other craftsmen - pottery & glass - often add artistic function to his turned bowls and trays. 

Well known for his focus on polychromatic segmented woodturning, his bowls, lidded urns, platters and ikebana involve the use of native hardwoods, layered alternately with imported exotic hardwoods. His pieces originate from precision-cut shapes, glued together, then formed into a "blank." Large urns usually contain 450+ cut shapes. Each is turned, and then finished with food-safe natural oils and waxes. No dyes or stains are employed. 

Davis attended the University of Miami, FL, the John C. Campbell Folk School and has studied privately with recognized wood turning specialists.   He’s a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, American Association of Woodturners, and Carolina Mountain Woodturners.

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